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A Year with Gas-powered trucks – daily experiences

Published 25 september 2023

As part of NTEX's sustainability efforts, we expanded our vehicle fleet with four gas-powered vehicles in 2022. In October of the same year, Dawid Leoss was employed as a driver. He notices significant differences, not least that the truck runs much quieter than its fossil fuel-powered counterparts.

NTEX rolled out its first gas-powered trucks in late summer 2022. Among other things, it was emphasized that a biogas-powered tractor unit produces nearly 2,000 tons less carbon dioxide emissions over its entire lifecycle compared to a diesel truck.

For David, the joy of being a driver is all about driving. It’s associated with an incredible sense of freedom, he explains. Most workdays for David begin in Stenungssund, from where he then heads to Norway.

“I’ve worked in this field for most of my professional life, so I know the routines and think it’s a good job,” says David.

NTEX’s gas trucks travel daily both domestically and between Gothenburg and Oslo, as well as Gothenburg and Stockholm. David admits that it has been an adjustment to plan refueling more than before, but he sees it as a transitional period and believes he will get used to it soon. What he finds even more positive is that the truck runs much quieter than its fossil fuel-powered counterparts, contributing to the pleasant feeling David experiences when he’s behind the wheel.

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