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Efficient Third-Party Logistics: An introduction to our 3PL service in Vestby

Published 12 december 2023

In the heart of Vestby lies our impressive warehouse, a logistics hub with storage capacity for more than 33,000 pallets and 1800 sqm picking loft. With the aim of being a leading player in third-party logistics (3PL), we understand the importance of delivering tailor-made solutions that meet our customers' unique needs. Our dedicated team of experienced staff are experts at handling the challenges of logistics, and we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services covering everything from warehousing to distribution.

Flexibility and customization:

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt. We give our customers the opportunity to choose independent warehouse locations or benefit from our holistic approach that includes transportation, receiving, storage, picking and deliveries. Whatever our customers’ needs, we are ready to adapt and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Logistics experts:

Our logistics team consists of 12 dedicated employees who possess impressive expertise in third-party logistics. These professionals not only have extensive experience, but they are also passionate about understanding their customers’ needs. With a combination of skills, knowledge and dedication, we ensure that each client receives a tailor-made solution that maximises efficiency and optimises logistics processes.

Comprehensive services:

We go to great lengths to cover all aspects of our customers’ logistics needs. Our offer includes not only storage but also accurate reception and secure storage. We take pride in our picking and dispatching process, which is designed to be seamless and cost-effective. Regardless of industry or product type, we offer tailor-made solutions that allow customers to focus on their core business, knowing that logistics are in safe hands.

Choose NTEX

Our 3PL service in Vestby is not just a warehouse; It is a strategic partner for companies that want to optimize their logistics operations. With a dedicated team, impressive warehouse facilities and a commitment to adapting to customer needs, we pride ourselves on being a reliable player in third-party logistics. Choose us and experience the seamless and efficient logistics your business deserves.


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