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For Smoother Global Collaboration

Published 6 december 2023

NTEX is a global company that takes pride in its personal approach and its ability to solve problems for customers — even when a predefined solution is lacking. To succeed in this, good relationships with industry partners worldwide are crucial.

Jerry Nilsson, the Business Unit Manager for Air & Ocean at NTEX and the global network manager, is ultimately responsible for ensuring these relationships within NTEX.

“I just returned from a networking conference in Cartagena, Colombia. The setup is a bit like speed dating. You schedule 30-minute sessions with people from different parts of the world. The purpose is to get to know the people behind the companies,” says Jerry Nilsson.

Relationships, business opportunities, and monitoring the external environment. The relationship-building has a clear purpose. When NTEX’s customers need to send a shipment urgently anywhere in the world, NTEX has very good chances of solving it.

“In critical situations when time is short, it’s mainly about finding the right agent in the company you want to collaborate with. If we have many partners and know who to contact in each situation, we can help our customers more efficiently,” Jerry explains.

Accessing local expertise in the right country is just one of the benefits of attending conferences worldwide. Jerry Nilsson also describes how conferences—when they go as planned—usually result in concrete business deals for the company.

Moreover, they are an excellent source of environmental analysis. At conferences like the one in Cartagena, freight forwarders from all corners of the world are present—and by sitting down one-on-one, there are good opportunities to be inspired and to inspire.

“Regarding sustainability, for example, we are big role models here in the Nordic region. We have an important role in explaining why we make our priorities and what benefits it brings, both from a sustainability perspective and from a business perspective towards the customer,” concludes Jerry Nilsson.

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