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Ntex Norway at Bygg Reis Deg 2023: Building Relationships as the Path to Success

Published 23 oktober 2023

Dedicated employees working at the fair

Ntex Norway recently participated in one of Norway's largest building material trade fairs, Bygg Reis Deg, which took place from October 18th to 21st. With a proud history as a transport company in Norway, Ntex participated as an exhibitor at a trade fair for the first time, establishing itself as a unique player in one of the construction industry's most significant platforms.

The Bygg Reis Deg fair is known for gathering the industry’s leading experts, innovative companies, and groundbreaking products. We chose this forum to strengthen our position in the Norwegian market and to show the industry that we are more than just a transporter. Our belief is that visibility and relationships are a good path towards this goal.

Helen D. Jacobsen, Sales and Administration Coordinator at Ntex Norway, shares that participation in the Bygg Reis Deg fair is a key component of the company’s broader branding strategy. The goal is to become more visible and better known in the Norwegian market. Helen expresses her enthusiasm about being a part of this exciting journey. She says, “This is the first time Ntex Norway has participated as an exhibitor at a fair, and we chose Bygg Reis Deg because here we can showcase ourselves to interesting businesses and potential customers in several of our areas of expertise.” “From timber to pipes to kitchen manufacturers, we want to demonstrate that we are the professional total partner who can handle everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary with expertise.”

The four days at the fair have been filled with excitement and opportunities. Ntex has set up an impressive booth, and our employees have served as ambassadors for the company. The staff has shared their knowledge, talked about the services and solutions Ntex has to offer, and had pleasant meetings with visitors and other exhibitors.

The enthusiasm is proof that Ntex is not just a professional transporter and logistics provider but also a partner who understands the importance of personal contact and service. This not only yields professional gains but also personal enrichment for the dedicated employees participating in the fair. Here, we have the opportunity to learn more about the industry, understand the needs of our customers, and build valuable connections.

Participation in the Bygg Reis Deg fair has been successful for Ntex Norway. We have not only strengthened our brand but also demonstrated our commitment to the construction industry in Norway. Our first experience as an exhibitor at the Bygg Reis Deg fair has provided us with valuable experience for future participations.

We look forward to how we will continue to shape the future of transportation and logistics in Norway and how we will further contribute to building bridges to success for ourselves and our partners in the industry.

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