NTEX Poland is growing

Publisert 10 februari 2022

NTEX's operations in Poland are growing leaps and bounds. Compared to 2020, the organisation grew by almost 15% in 2021 - an increase NTEX aims to reach in 2022 as well.

Despite the pandemic, the last two years have been the office’s best so far. Maciej Klukowski, Managing Director of NTEX’s operations in Poland, has identified several key factors behind the success.

“One was the fact that we reviewed our expenses. Another, and perhaps the most important one, was changing our routines. We developed our own way of looking at certain processes and decided to improve them,” says Maciej Klukowski.

Maciej has been with NTEX since it started operations in Poland in 2013. Today, he is Managing Director, responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. The office in Poland works closely with the office in Gislaved, Sweden, and Maciej highlights the great relationship between the two countries.

“We really appreciate our cooperation with the Gislaved office. Our close relationship is also one of the keys to our success here in Poland,” says Maciej.

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